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Ship Chandler Chittagong Provisions Supply

    Ship Chandler Chittagong will deliver both freshest and preserved foodstuffs aboard a vessel in Chittagong port, all piers and all anchorage area. The provision supplies will be delivered aboard within the terms as agreed by Ship Chandler Chittagong own heatproof transport means. As per the Purchase Order, the foodstuffs will be sorted out and well packed according to the high standards. The products are purchased only from the certified and well verified suppliers. And these foodstuffs will be delivered along with the Certificates of Origin!

1. All the ship’s supply and service procedures are provided in full compliance with the international quality standard – ISSA Quality!
2. The Quality Management System of Ship Chandler Chittagong is certified according to the ISO 9001-2008.
3. The structure of provision supplies is proud of its very long and successful record of functioning within the Fleet Complex Servicing Department of Ship Chandler Chittagong.

    High-grade foodstuffs are very important in respect of securing the health and vitality of both the crew and passengers of a vessel. Ship Chandler Chittagong is always focused on optimization of all business processes having impact on the terms and quality of a delivery.

     The provision supply services are constantly rendered in the Chittagong port, all piers and all anchorage area and so on.

    Ship Chandler Chittagong can supply your vessel with a huge range of quality products at competitive prices. Ship Chandler Chittagong is known for the quality of its product and Ship Chandler Chittagong can source at Chittagong Ports and piers with best products. Ship Chandler Chittagong range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat’s best quality, fish straight from local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from local farmers and dry stores from local and imported sources.

     All Ship Chandler Chittagong warehouse faciliies include chillers, freezers and packaging facilities allowing for the delivery of your provisions order in prime condition. Following is a selection of categories from Ship Chandler Chittagong extensive provisions list. Meats Fresh / Meats Frozen Seafood Fresh / Seafood Frozen Poultry Fresh / Poultry Frozen Dairy Goods Game Fresh / Game Frozen Fruit Vegetables General Groceries Mix Goods & Spices Beverages Juices Flowers Gourmet Foods Speciality Lines Small goods Dry Goods Confectionery and other all.

       Ship Chandler Chittagong offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provision to meet the expectation of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries. Ship Chandler Chittagong source our products from all ports and piers of Chittagong port. We awareness of all standards, strict hygiene rules at all level throughout the supply chain will be implemented at every step.

      The frozen products are loaded from our conveniently located warehouse’ cold rooms and delivered directly to the vessels with Ship Chandler Chittagong frigorific trucks, without breaking the cold chain, at the ports and anchorage areas of Chittagong

    Ship Chandler Chittagong has been aware of true increase in vessel stay for discharge or loading of which gradually elevated up to 13.500 vessels annually at Chittagong alone for the duration.

    Ship Chandler Chittagong consistent roll and professional personnel have rendered our key-success to be more transparent and dynamic whereafter granted us adequacy in conjunction with clientele recognition.

    As an eventual aggregation, Ship Chandler Chittagong have been conveying decent responses on all inquiries and service excellence of Ship Chandler Chittagong dear conglomerate noble clients. Stating the obvious, Ship Chandler Chittagong have pursued self-set standards that exceeds prudence and expectations of client portfolio in all aspects of business evaluations ever since the establishment of our company.

    Needless to say, Ship Chandler Chittagong provide over 850/900 vessel’s inquiries on behalf of vessel owners, managers and agents at calling Chittagong alone per annum and procure extreme growth in alignment with dominance of leadership in sector.

    Ship Chandler Chittagong is now ‘one-stop service station’ not only at port, piers, anchorage of Chittagong but also serving widespread at Chittagong port,  all piers and all anchorage area of South African’s ports.

Ship Chandler Chittagong Mission

      Ship Chandler Chittagong unique aim is to ensure a consistant triangle of service excellence, professional personnel and high quality products whilst Ship Chandler Chittagong step forward in maximizing customer satisfaction and the effect of which maintains sustainability of our business relations with vessel owners, managers and on board managements at tomorrow’s world.

Ship Chandler Chittagong Vision

    At the speed of a well-thriven sector, Ship Chandler Chittagong assert to accomplish major and active roll in submission of decently infrastructured company needs and professional personnel on constant basis whereat Ship Chandler Chittagong hope to acquire ongoing leadership.

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