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Ship Chandler Chittagong Bonded Supply

Ship Chandler Chittagong, who have had operations for duty free and bondedstore in the sector since 1988, who have had operations in the Chittagong port and all anchorage area of Bangladesh’s ports since 1992, decided to join their forces and consolidate thier sectoral experience in 1996

By this resolution, Ship Chandler Chittagong tax free was start as a company which is new but at the same time have wide experience and wide customer’s porfolio. Since this date, Ship Chandler Chittagong have dealt in Ship Chandler Chittagong office building, which is opposite of Chittagong Port, with modern equipments and technological infrastructure.

At the same time, various commercial activities and social responsibility activities in maritime sector of Ship Chandler Chittagong, who composed of the partnership, shed light on the way of Ship Chandler Chittagong’s improvement for its goals. The most important thing is that our principles, which were adopted before partnership and were acquired in the past, being customer-focused, quality, trust, best price and speed have been protected and developed. Ship Chandler Chittagong principles are our tools and values in order to deal with our valuable customers better.

Ship Chandler Chittagong believe that understanding you and dealing with this understanding is only feasible coming from you and being a part of you all.

As it is known, Ship Chandler Chittagong are number one of ship Bonded Store Supplier at Chittagong Port, piers and anchorage areas.

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